Humorous and inspirational paintings

Here are samples of some of my work. Click on a category to see more. I will paint you the same design depicted in the photo, and in some cases I can create a custom variation just for you.






Feisty Females

Gleeful Gators

Kid’s Room Art

Sock Monkeys

A little about me

I am entirely self-taught, and have been making my living full-time as an artist since 1992. My style can be described as “folk” or “outsider” art. I sell my work online, and at stores, festivals and events in the Greater Boston area.

The themes in much of my work derive from the humor I find in ordinary people and situations. Some of my characters are based on whimsical creatures I developed as a very young child, and some on friends, family, and pets. Other influences include Art Deco, ethnic art, and classical religious icons. I often like to incorporate poems and inspirational or humorous sayings in my work.

When possible, I like to use “found,” recycled, or natural materials in my work — trash-day finds, paper bags, bottle caps, rocks, etc. I like to explore the possibilities in mundane or discarded objects.

Welcome to my wild and wacky world!